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Blog, 2016-01-17 In these modern times, why is society still shocked to hear of girls who like to have lots of casual sex?

In these modern times, why is society still shocked to hear of girls who like to have lots of casual sex? With people marrying later in life and ladies putting their career before their quest for a serious relationship, it really shouldn’t be a surprise when us women are turning to sex chats and no-strings fun online.

But yet still, there is a stigma – we are scared to be known as “slags” or “sluts” whereas men love being labelled “studs”. Well, I’m going to come right out and say it – I’m a sexy slut and I’m proud!

Why would I say such a thing with pride? Well, it’s simple really. I’m comfortable with who I am, I know the world I’m living in and I refuse to pretend that women aren’t driven by sex…sorry if it bothers you boys, but our sex drives are just as high as yours…maybe higher!

Lucky for girls like me, there are sites like this where I can live the life I want to live in a safe environment with complete anonymity. My family don’t have to know, my colleagues don’t have to know, my friends don’t even have to know (although a few of them are just as naughty as me).

If you are reading this then chances are you are like me – you’re a young, confident woman that knows she doesn’t want to be limited by commitments and you’re ready to try a hook up site. Well done finding this one…you won’t be disappointed! Here are some tips for this site that I can pass on, having been doing this for quite some time now ;-)

  1. Stay anonymous – there is no need to tell your hook ups all about yourself on the first meeting. This isn’t about long-term relationships, it’s about sexy, short-term connections.
  2. Host - if you’re able to do so, I’d suggest you host or you go to a hotel. Maybe I’m a little unfair but I tend not to go to a guys place for the first time.
  3. Be sensible – always carry a condom. The amount of times I’ve had a guy tell me “I don’t like wearing them” is unreal! Take one in case he isn’t prepared for a sensible lady like you.
  4. Heart breaker – after the sex, don’t lead him on if you can tell he’s really into you. Let him know this is a fling and let him down gently with a nice text when you get home.
  5. Be WILD – wear your hottest outfit and be sexy! You may never see him again so try a few things. Let your inner sex vixen free! This is all experience so make the most of it!