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Blog, 2015-12-15 You’ve spotted the guy or girl that you want to get with for some no strings fun with, but what do you say to get the conversation going?

You’ve spotted the guy or girl that you want to get with for some no strings fun with, but what do you say to get the conversation going? You’re staring at a blank message box and you suddenly realise there’s more to this than just a bit of sexy chat, meeting up and enjoying ‘no strings’ screwing. But have no fear, because this guide will help you send a message that won’t be ignored!

  1. Don’t be lazy! I know, you’re tempted to just say “hi sexy” or “hey babe” but that’s not going to make the recipient want to get back to you, especially considering they have plenty of sex dating options to choose from. You need to be a little creative to have the best chance of landing the fuck buddy of your dreams. It’s time to get into adult chat mode!


  1. Are they online? If the person you are looking at is online now, then act fast! The fact they are looking at the site at that moment and browsing for someone to hookup with tonight means that they are far more likely to respond with something positive.


  1. Be complimentary. The obvious thing here is to say something nice about the image, but if you’re clever you’ll be able to compliment something they have written too. Read the whole profile as the key to success usually waits there. For example, if they mention their first name, be sure to use it to give your message a personal touch.


  1. Be creative. Okay, so you don’t need to write a masterpiece, but injecting a bit of humour into your short introduction wouldn’t hurt. One of the most attractive traits a guy or girl can have is the ability to make people laugh. Don’t be scared to say something funny or a little off-beat – the aim here is to stand out from the crowd.


  1. Relax and don’t be inhibited. This is a sex site, set up for horny adults who enjoy casual dating, so there are thousands of local girls in this area that are available to flirt, chat and arrange a one night stand with! So don’t worry about trying new things and showing the real, flirty, naughty you as this is more likely to result in a better meeting when you do get the NSA sex you desire.


A basic example:

Nice work on your profile! I see you’re more than just a pretty face ;-)

Must admit I love Netflix too, what’s your favourite show?

Who knows, if you play your cards right, maybe I’ll share more than recommendations with you some time!

Hope to hear back x